A warm welcome and hospitality: these are the typical features of Riccione identity, a town that doesn’t forget tradition even if it looks ahead to change and new tendencies. With the passing of time, beaches have changed too and have been furnished with modern bathing establishments, well equipped and endowed with technological system. The hotels, the sea promenade, the historic streets for strolling along and shopping too have been involved in the process of change and can proudly keep up with the new buildings dedicated to sports and leisure, conferences, business and events.


Do some shopping downtown

Have a stroll along the most popular streets “Viale Dante” and “Viale Ceccarini” where the trendiest shop windows display unique jewels, designer clothing and fashion shoes, accessories and interesting local items.

Have a stroll along the Seaside Promenade

The new pedestrian area close to the beach with marble furniture, wood benches and flowerbeds invites you for a stroll on foot or by bike.

Sunbathe on the seashore

Well equipped bathing establishments or free beaches, ideal places to have a rest or to practice some summer sports. It’s just up to you.

Pamper yourself

In Riccione Terme spa centre or in one of the quality hotels: relax the mind and the body with health and beauty treatments. Mud and hot baths, precious spring waters, sauna, massages, emotional showers.... to recover mentally and physically.

Taste the local traditional food “piadina”

Just cooked from a food stand: “piadina” is a thin flatbread generally filled with soft cheese or vegetables, or Parma ham and cold cuts, or simply with what you like. And eat it together with a glass of local wine, seated on the seashore...

Happy hour at the Harbor at sunset

Sit on a bench to say goodbye to the sun when the sea reveals its most beautiful colours and taste traditional local fish and wine.

Visit art exhibitions

Villa Franceschi is a beautiful Art Nouveau Liberty Style villa. Today it is the headquarters for Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery and hosts paintings, sculptures, pictures, drawings and graphic drawings of the 1900s and temporary exhibitions. Villa Mussolini is another Art Nouveau Liberty Style villa that hosts today temporary exhibitions and performances.

Discover the nearby territory

Riccione is the ideal place to to embark on a trip to the surrounding countryside areas where every hamlet discloses castles, fortresses, churches, enshrining pieces of art, and brings the tourist back to the Middle Ages when the Seignory of the Malatesta family ruled the whole territory nearby.